Everlast Recovery

When I pulled up to this place

When I pulled up to this place my third time to treatment I didn’t think anything would work. However when I found out that there was only six maximum clients I saw hope. 33 days later I can say my experience is more than life changing it is new and I now have hope that I can have a relationship with my kids, my family and society. This place found out what was causing me to feel bad about myself, so that I would always turn to alcohol. I can talk to those back home and not cry after hanging up. For a 39 year old male father of 4 from South Dakota that dog don’t hunt. The staff is light years ahead both in attentiveness and compassion. I truly feel that I can come back here on my 1 year anniversary and have a holiday like I was family with the owner, his son who is involved and his entire staff. I have a new chance at life and a new sober family to love. Bar none the best. I was at banyan treatment centers twice and they did nothing. Everlast recovery is the pathway to a new life. Thank you all so much

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