Everlast Recovery

Upon coming to EVERLAST I was at the end of my rope

Upon coming to EVERLAST I was at the end of my rope. I knew I had a lot of work to do and I wasn’t sure where to start. The staff here were willing to help me figure out my goals and helped me achieve what I needed. Each staff brings something different to the table and I feel like I got something from each of them. The case managers made it a point to create a plan that fit what I wanted to change and helped keep me accountable to continue moving forward. There are many things I gained from everlast, an atmosphere that felt like home, awareness of self that has helped me gain clarity of what I want in life and how to get it and they assisted me in addressing all my personal affairs during my stay.
This place makes you feel like you really matter and that you can whole heartily make major changes in your life.
Thank you so very much EVERLAST.

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