Everlast Recovery

I’ve had the misfortune of touring several detox

I’ve had the misfortune of touring several detox centers in my life and the majority have not been the most pleasant experiences, until I came to Everlast. Within my first 10 minutes on the premise I felt how genuine the staff were when it came to helping me get back to the real Matthew. Not only is their level of care above and beyond, but they also strive to inform you on a plethora of relapse prevention tools, trigger identification procedures, all while instilling the significance of keeping a regular schedule (WHICH INCLUDES MEETINGS). Thanks to my 30 day stay at Everlast I enthusiastically accepted the owner’s recommendation to continue my treatment with the help of their network of dedicated individuals. I am currently about to hit 6 months clean and sober when I couldn’t see myself staying clean for 6 days before investing just 1 month’s time at Everlast Drug Treatment and Detox. Thank you Everlast!

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