Everlast Recovery

I am forever grateful

I am forever grateful for Danny and his recovery facility that saved my daughter’s life! My daughter was at the end of her rope possible soon to be buried when I was referred to this facility I didn’t have much hope as it really looked hopeless my daughter was addicted to a form of heroin and had her children taken away and just didn’t care about life at all Danny decided to take a chance on her and had total faith he can help her ( I didn’t see the bigger picture at first) As I prayed on my knees Lord place my daughter where she needs to be and this facility just kept coming up and eventually my daughter finally agreed as her to she felt hopeless and helpless.. and let me tell you as she agreed to come here and surrendered her heart to Jesus she is 95 days sober and totally transformed into a new creation in Christ Jesus! Danny and Amber have been so amazing to my daughter they were there for her and held her up and gave her a confidence she never had they also provided all necessary classes she needed to get her children back which is around the corner as she is now released home and still doing amazing I want to thank Danny and Amber and all staff for giving my daughter her life back! I want to Thank my Lord Jesus for saving and restoring my baby girl!! This place is amazing! Forever grateful!! 🙏🏽 If your like me and did a million searches and reviews DO NOT LOOK FURTHER THIS PLACE IS THEE PLACE TRUST ME! Thank you EVERLAST!! 🙌🏽

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